Bringing National and International Art to Edinburgh


By 3rd November 2016

This year at Edinburgh Art Fair, we will be showcasing the work of Spanish painter Daniel Sueiras Fanjul.


To begin with, Fanjul sources antique frames from Spain, which he then refurbishes and restores, before he begins a painting. This ensures that each piece is completely unique, engendering each artwork with a sense of the history that comes with using recycled and reimagined materials.


Portrait artist Fanjul is somewhat different from the norm. Instead of painting portraits depicting well-heeled aristocrats, he subverts the traditional in favour of the unconventional; chimps in ruffs and towers of meerkats. His 'Natural Selection' series is also interspersed with delicate little animal portraits that are fun and quirky.


Fanjul's series 'Natural Selection' currently centres around Charles Darwin's pivotal work, 'On the Origin of Species'. He chooses to portray animals, rather than people, to communicate something about established cultural norms and perceptions, to add a sense of humour where usually, there would be none. He asks the viewer to remember their animal ancestry, and to understand that the differences between the two are not so great as we might expect. We see this most notably in his depictions of the chimps; one in a fur coat, the other in a ruff, and, most curiously, one dressed as Clark Kent. There is humour here, yes, yet if we look a little deeper, we may begin to question just what Daniel's motives are. Are we to look at the chimp and see ourselves? 


Interesting and humorous as they are, each piece maintains an extraordinary quality; Fanjul’s work is skilfully executed, rich in both colour and detail.


Fanjul’s work will be on display alongside our other artists at our stand D4 from Thursday 17th to Sunday 20th November at the Edinburgh Corn Exchange.