Bringing National and International Art to Edinburgh


By 12th April 2017

 images/Urbane Art Gallery Lapin by Veronique Guerrieri.jpg

Spring has sprung (finally!) here in Edinburgh, and at Urbane we have had our latest re-hang. Colourful, vibrant artworks are on show for your viewing pleasure, as well as Lapinou (Giant Rabbit) on display by Véronique Guerrieri.

We have colourful, geometric works by Richard Strachan lighting up our white walls with oranges and purples, and gorgeous little figurines created by Nice-based artist Youn Kyoung Cho.


 images/03 La boudeuse B.jpg

Our last few Keymi pieces are also on display; quirky, pop art style works that sit boldly against their black frames. Keymi’s style combines a graffiti technique with a 1950’s aesthetic, coated in resin and painted on laser cut puzzle pieces.


158 images/Urbane Art Gallery - 158- Keymi.jpg

At Urbane, we have the most diverse collection of international artists to be found at any commercial gallery here in Edinburgh. Why not stop in sometime this spring and enjoy the dynamic and colourful collection of artworks we have on display at our gallery on Jeffrey Street?