Eloise Robinson

Eloise graduates this summer with a MA in Fine Art with History of Art from The University of Edinburgh. The featured works are from a series called Creating Spaces which she exhibited as part of her degree show.

Creating Space is an investigation into the structural interiors of department stores. Through focusing on colour, depth and perspective, the primary aim is to immerse the viewer in an environment by capturing their attention and drawing them into the painterly space. 

Eloise's interest in colour, surface and scale are apparent within her artistic practice. The colours chosen reflect those of the source material. When entering a department store, bright colours stand out against the primarily monotone background. She recreates this concept within her paintings, which are mainly composed using a limited palette of grey, black and blue.

She works mainly on wooden board support but has also researched into the use of aluminium as an alternative. A range of paints are used, including home interior emulsions in matt and gloss as well as enamels. The graphic, linear quality of the paintings is very important; the crisp edges are created using Frog Tape and Tessa Tape. These precise, solid lines replicate the crisp linear interior structural design of retail stores.

The large scale paintings endeavour to fill the viewer’s field of vision, creating a painterly environment that draws them in through strong perspective. Once capturing the attention of the viewer, they are invited to explore within the paintings and to look at the more refined detailing and painterly areas of contrasting surface qualities that are less apparent on first viewing.


Aluminium I

Emulsion and enamel on aluminium

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Emulsion and enamel on aluminium