Ivan Bernal Palli

Spanish artist Ivan Bernal Palli has been doing traditional wet darkroom photography for over 10 years. He initially studied photography in Barcelona and since then he has further developed his work, printing and experimenting with different techniques.

For the last 4 years Ivan has been working with the Lith printing process. Lith printing uses traditional black and white photographic paper and a special developer to produce colourful images with dark gritty shadows and delicate and smooth highlights and midtones. The results differ depending on the paper and other factors offering a wide range of options for interpreting an image.

Ivan's work is influenced by the Pictoralism movement from the late 19th to early 20th century. His work is very atmospheric, highly focused in aesthetics and his photographs have a unique dream-like quality.

His work has been exhibited in several venues locally and internationally including the Czech Republic and the US.

Ivan’s latest work is a series of photographs of trees taken on Corstorphine Hill, Edinburgh, a project that has expanded for five years. This body of work has recently been featured in the solo exhibition 'Corstorphine Hill, Edinburgh: 2010-2015' shown at the Coburg House Art Studios and Gallery in Leith.

Right On The Path

Lith print on Fomatone MG Classic fibre based paper

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Lith print on Fomatone MG Classic fibre based paper