Bringing National and International Art to Edinburgh


By 11th September 2017

Fresh into the gallery this week we have two new puzzle pieces by French graffiti artist Keymi.

Returning to the studio this summer after completing several large-scale public works, Keymi is back with more of the ever-popular pin-up girls. With a slightly different palette than we have seen previously, these new works pack a punch with neon yellows, greens, blues and pinks. This gives the fifties pin up girl a modern twist; these retro icons now have a new lease of life. Executed in his signature style, these pop-art puzzle pieces are dynamic, colourful and extremely unique. With a fun and vibrant aesthetic, they are sure to stand out on any wall.

Keymi’s works remain highly collectible, owing to the quality of the execution, the particular style and the individual subjects of each piece. Each work is laser cut from high-grade polystyrene, before being painted and then coated with resin to give a high-quality finish. Each piece is completely individual, never recreated, ensuring that any work remains unique and distinct.

To see these and more of Keymi’s works visit his artist page: