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By 17th August 2017

Trimborn has proportioned these new works (in the manner of Dalí and Corbusier) to approximate the composition of his works using mathematical theory. Trimborn utilises the golden triangle – whereby the three angles are in 2:2:1 proportions. This ratio has oft been associated with the visual arts and with architecture, given its reputation to elicit aesthetically pleasing results. There have also been associations purported between the golden ratio and nature; the latter being a manifestation of the former. This is significant given the subject matter of Trimborn’s work, being of the bucolic scenes of the French countryside.

It is in nature that Trimborn finds his inspiration; the fleeting light and weather conditions he endeavours to capture in his lithe brushstroke engenders the memory of Impressionist artists such as van Gogh and Monet within the paintings. From a distance, these pieces appear as serene manifestations of rural idylls, and yet up close there is further beauty to be discovered. Simple marks relinquish the smallest details; perhaps a flower or a blade of grass. These scenes are pastoral yet sublime; there is a quiet contemplation exhibited in each.

Our new pieces all come in at 40 x 65cm, in both portrait and landscape orientations. The elemental qualities of these works make them a perfect fit for any home or office space; each appears almost as a window into some blissful scene.

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