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By 18th September 2016

Hailing from Frankfurt, Germany, Corinna Wagner is an artist whose work is regularly exhibited in galleries across Europe.


Unusually for most artists here at Urbane, Corinna is entirely self-taught. She works with various mediums including chalk, acrylic and gesso, and occasionally with oil on canvas. Her work has proved incredibly popular, and she has maintained that success throughout the course of her time here at the gallery.

Corinna’s works predominantly centre on portraiture, and her ever-evolving style is evident through her paintings; some are more rigid, formal, and others are more abstract, less structured.


The hues of Corinna’s paintings call to mind something ethereal, slightly detached; rarely does the focus of her sitter’s eye rest with that of the viewer. There is a sense of intimacy, too, where the composition of the paintings enables the subject to be up close and personal with their observer. The eyes of Corinna’s subjects are rich with feeling; one gets a sense of a personal expression of the artist through these figures.


The texture of the pastel is also intriguing, and provides an interesting foil to the rest of the paintings in our collection here at Urbane. The rendering of these images is created with a soft, yet precise hand; Corinna builds layers of colours to create intense contrasts between the lights and darks that give real dimension to her work.



Prices start at £350. Our partnership with Own Art will also allow you to take the work home on the day, spreading the cost of purchase over ten months at 0%APR.