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By 20th September 2016

Born to a French mother and a West African father, artist Frank Schroeder’s paintings explore the vibrant and visceral aspects of life and culture; having suffered through the First Ivorian Civil War, Schroeder found solace studying philosophy, literature and art, retreating to an inner creative world he described as “dark and sometimes near death.”

Having lived through the trauma and brutality of war, the viewer may see Frank’s passionate and energetic manipulation of the medium as an expression of a ‘no time to lose’ mind-set. This is further emphasised by his particular choice of medium, acrylic, which is known for its rapid drying time. To add further texture and dimension, Schroeder tends to incorporate other types of media such as oil pastels and spray paint.

Working in a contemporary Neo-Expressionist style, Schroeder references artists such as Julian Schnables and Jean-Michel Basquiat.

His latest series of work explores and subverts biblical themes; the bare breasts of a nun who reclines seductively, and is deftly posed in order to conceal her modesty.

Schroeder’s works are vibrant, bold, and provocative. Colours appear to be selected for dramatic impact, complementing and contrasting each other, blocking out the space to emphasise the figural subject. Schroeder’s ‘Happy Jungle’ uses exaggerated colours of the flesh against a black background to enhance the undulating feminine curves of his subject. The fleshy colours accentuate fleshy thighs and the use of blood red symbolises the carnal, erotic aspects of the female body.


Prices start at £500. Our partnership with Own Art will also allow you to take the work home on the day, spreading the cost of purchase over ten months at 0%APR.