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Summer Exhibition: MATT DUKE

By 28th July 2017

English artist Matt Duke is back with several new pieces that we are very excited to showcase in our summer exhibition. Solid bronze animals are embellished with various coloured patinas, executed in their entirety by this exceptionally-skilled artist. All pieces come as part of a limited edition of 12.

The life-size wren perches on an elegantly-shaped plinth. The patina consists of a mix of copper and ferric nitrates, potassium sulphide and titanium oxide, which combine to create the delicate brown and white plume.

The Scops Owl patina is a chemical combination of armatone, ferric nitrate and titanium oxide, which reveals a rich grey, tempered with inflections of dark green. This gives a steely finish that reflects the sleek elegance of the Scops Owl, who sits, dignified, on a solid bronze plinth.

Lastly, our fabulous new river otter, “Rex”, lies recumbent in all his glory; the copper nitrate in his patina evokes the brown pelt of his real-life counterparts.

Duke’s enthusiasm for native British wildlife is reflected in both the subject matter he chooses, and in the execution of the work itself; each piece has been thoughtfully considered, and the shapes of his compositions are balanced and grateful. Duke’s work echoes the elemental beauty of his natural subject matter; his interest in form and movement is readily apparent and the colours are earthen and organic.

For further information, see Duke’s profile on the website here at, or come to the gallery during our summer exhibition to see several of his works on display.